Fortin EVO-TOYT6 - All In One Bypass Module Combo for Toyota & Lexus

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The EVO-TOYT6 is the ultimate Factory Fit, ALL-IN-ONE data immobilizer bypass, doorlock, alarm & remote start interface with T-Harness combo module for select Toyota & Lexus Push-to-Start vehicles.It raises the standard of hassle-free installation convenience to a whole new level. It uses a multiple bus architecture with 10 separate communication ports that provide more complete functionality on every supported vehicle.
  • 3x on-board LEDs for simplified programming and diagnostics.
  • 1x preloaded firmware for maximum compatibility.
  • 4-wire Fortin 2-way datalink port for data-to-data (RS-232) communication with datalink equipped remote-starters and security-systems.
  • 20-wire general purpose plug for wire-to-wire connections with non-datalink equipped remote-starters and security-systems
  • Self-Learning algorithm automatically detects the vehicle during programming and adjusts accordingly Communication Ports
  • 3x CAN-Bus controllers.
  • 3x General purpose controllers (J1850, Class 2, encrypted key etc.).
  • 2x On-board Relays (SPDT).
  • 1x Analog Controller 0-12VDC @ 20mV steps (Passlock, MUX).
  • 1x TB control port for TB-series modules
** These units required to be flashed/updated with a flashlink2 cable in order to set them up to use with your OEM key fob remote. Out of the box this unit will not funtion with your OEM remotes.** T-Harness may not complete installation and some wires may need to be hard wired into vehicle similar to a typical car starter install.** Check manufactorers web site to make sure your vehicle is comatible with this system*As with any electronic item, additional installation parts may be required to complete installation


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