Rock Tamers RT00110 - Towing Vehicle Rock Shield Matte Black, 2.5" Model, Adjustable 66 3/4" to 93 3/4" Width

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SKU: RT00110
ROCK TAMERS are the first “Adjustable and Removable” Mudflap System designed to provide the ultimate protection for your tows from damage caused by rocks and road debris.
  • They are the perfect solution for consumers who want the utility aspect of mudflaps and want to maintain their vehicle’s stylish and attractive appearance
  • This patented system is easy to attach or remove from any standard 2,5" ball mount
  • The overall width is adjustablefrom 66 3/4" to 93 3/4" and easily fine-tuned to fit any small, full size or dually truck
  • The mudflap height is adjustable to maintain consistent ground clearance when towing various loads
  • No drilling required


Marque Rock Tamers
Status Active