SportRack SR2512 - Pathway Tow Ball Mount Bike Rack for 2 Bikes

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Universal Pathway Tow Ball Mount Bike Rack by SportRack. 2 Bikes. The 2 Bike Pathway Tow Ball Hitch Bike Rack may be the easiest to use hitch mount bike rack ever made. Just secure the carrier in your Class II rated hitch with the no-wobble threaded hitch pin, position the bikes in the rubber cushioned channels and secure the top plates with the 2 knobs, and you’re ready to drive! This carrier is designed for bikes with oversized top tubes, up to 2 ½" in diameter, and it tilts down for access to the rear of the vehicle. The 2 Pathway Tow Ball Hitch Bike Rack can carry up to 2 bikes.
  • Works with hitch ball mounts
  • Bikes attach easily to the rack and rubber padding protects the finish
  • Carries race, mountain and touring bikes
  • Fits hitch ball mounts
  • Locking kit available
  • Holds up to 2 bikes


Marque Sport Rack
Status Active