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Canadian Vehicle Parts Distributor - BEST PRICE GUARANTEED -
Canadian Vehicle Parts Distributor - BEST PRICE GUARANTEED -


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Easily and effectively eliminates organic and chemical odors caused by: Cigarettes, skunk, pet, urine, vomit, spoiled food, mold, mildew, gasoline, paint, fish, fire, flooding, trash, sweat, cooking, sour milk, waste tank, bilge and all other types of severe stubborn odors. Simple to use, just shake add water and walk away ! Not labor intensive. Safe in all automotive and home interiors. On hard and soft surfaces. Fast acting - Will eliminate odors in as little as 4 hours and a maximum of 24 hours depending on severity of the odor. Non toxic Eco-friendly 100% biodegradable, leaves no harmful residue, no VOCs or Carcinogens.

Installation kit

An installation kit is needed for proper installation on your vehicle


Brand:Biocide Systems
Manufacturer Part #:3244